User Guide

Personalized Icon color of PASSCON in IDall password manager

IDall password manager provides a very fun and user-friendly login UI. The login dashboard, which consists of the image icon, but not the keyboard, may change the color of the icon. This helps users maintain login security more comfortably and makes it easy for anyone, both young and old, to sign in.

IDall auto logout for safety

Our IDall password manager app provides automatic logout function to protect your information more securely. You can set the time to 15 seconds or up to 30 minutes. If you do not do anything during this time after running the app, the app will automatically shut down.

IDall PASSCON easy login with only 4 icon touching

The PASSCON authentication method is a very complex and sophisticated technology. But users do not have to worry at all. Just touch four icons and you're done. This simple procedure also ensures very strong security. That's because there are natural random numbers made of photographs that work in the program. Log in comfortably and safely with PASSCON and enjoy internet!.

IDall secure note in password manager APP

The IDall app has a useful feature called Secure note. We have so many secrets to keep. They are also precious things that should never be lost. For example, the number of the lock that you have tied your bike to, or the number you can open the house safe. You may not even be able to start a pleasant journey by not knowing the number you can open your luggage. Secure note functionality can be very useful in this case.

Password generator in IDall password manager

Very difficult passwords are virtually impossible to memorize or to input. Sometimes they use song lyrics, but they are vulnerable to social engineering attacks. What is the need for a password generator? These passwords are also easy to use when you use the password management app. You can sign in by copying and pasting, and there's even a simpler way to sign in with a touch.

IDall community channel and group

We are running an SNS channel to provide information to IDall users. This channel provides easy access to IDall's latest information. We also have an SNS group for Q&A. If you are using IDall, you can immediately ask questions and get answers.

IDall friends recommend and get a enough bonus license

IDall app is a paid service. But do not worry. We offer easy events and you can get a bonus license for a sufficient period of time through this event. It's just a very easy way to complete your IDall App by recommending it to your friends in a few clicks on the event screen. Recommending useful apps to your friends for security and convenience is a very meaningful sharing of information.

Adding website from the readymade list and how to use auto-login

The IDall app provides a very easy way to add and edit new sites. Hundreds of popular sites are already listed, so you can simply type in initials to search and select. Then you only need to enter id and pw. This added site can be automatically logged into the site simply by touching the title.