The best safe password manager app IDall, protected by PASSCON not a password.

If you are stressed due to your password, try the IDall password management application.

IDall password manager will give you more comfortable internet life.

The key guide for selecting some good password manager apps can be summarized as the following four points.

1. First of all, Password Manager's Master ID Security - Password is inconvenient and unsafe. Special authentication technology is required. This is the most important.

2. Encryption digits of password manager save data - 16 digits full AES - 256 must be applied. Normally, the password is 8 digits, but it is not enough.

3. Password Manager UI and UX - Support as many sites as possible with one touch login. This makes it easy for users to add the ID PW of the new site.

4. Cross platform compatible Password Manager - At least the same data can be used simultaneously on iOS, Android, Windows, and MAC operating systems.

IDall is a unique Password Manager that meets all these requirements.

Perfectly secured master ID by PASSCON authentication. PASSCON is not a password.

Easy and secure master login via PASSCON, and complete encryption with full 16 digit AES 256 and PKI.

PASSCON is the world's only technology that functions with icon images and pictures.Login to Password Manager easily and quickly with PASSCON!

How to use IDall and PASSCON.

1. Register as a master ID. Only email addresses are required.

2. Select a photo from the gallery. Any picture is good. You can also delete the photo. You do not have to remember.

3. Select 4 icons on the Icon board instead of the keyboard. It is good to make a story like "I enjoyed soccer and bowling for 6 hours from 4:00 am". This completes the setting.

4. Login with the selected Icon Keys. Then you can save your passwords and simply touch them to log in to the site you want.

IDall support the wide cross-platform: Android, iOS, Windows, MAC.

We support data synchronization on five devices for free.

There is no additional charge to add a device.

And it is very easy to add the device through the second device to verify.

Just touch the site in your list to login instantly without typing any characters.

Key Benefits of IDall Password Manager

1. The master account is highly secured by PASSCON, not password.

2. Since the registered ID and PW are protected by the highest level of encryption with the 16-digit full AES-256 key, it can not be opened by Server Administrator.

3. Since 500 sites are prepared, users can easily add a new ID PW.

4. Most sites just log in automatically by touching.

5. The price is much cheaper than others.

6. There is no additional charge to add a device.

7. Cross platform supports multi OS.

Key Benefits of PASSCON authentication technology

IDall is the only password manager service that does not apply a password to the security of the master account. Instead, we adopted our patented advanced security technology called PASSCON.

PASSCON uses icon images and photos taken by users as unique secret elements and encryption keys.

- Easy to use, just remember the four icons. It is faster and more accurate than PIN.

- Very user-friendly icons such as football, baseball.

- Remember the key of the icon through making a story of life, it is easy to use. In other words, 3 hour football and 14 o'clock lunch.

- Icon keys are not stored on the server.

- Even if someone knows your ID and icon key, he / she can not do anything.

- PASSCON uses images as an information source to generate natural random values.

- The natural random value can not be deciphered.

- Scams can only occur if someone steals both the device and the icon key at the same time.

- Brute force dictionary attack is impossible.

- SQL Injection attack is impossible.

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